Single Origin: Oreti Estate // Kenya

Single Origin: Oreti Estate // Kenya


Description: Our Oreti Estate Washed is roasted specifically for filter brewing and tastes like ripe blackcurrant Jam, stewed plums, white peach, cinnamon.

Flavours/ Notes: Blackcurrant Jam, stewed plums, white peach, cinnamon

Roast Profile: Light/ Filter Roast

Origin: Kenya

Grind Option:
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The Harries Family have been farming coffee in Thika, Kenya since 1904. 

Chania and Oreti Estates are the only medium to large scale, private coffee plantations remaining in Kenya that are owned and operated by the descendants of the original pioneer farmers. 

Oreti Estate was established in 1946. A small plot at 90 acres and predominantly planted to SL28 and a less commonly known variety called SL14. The SL14 variety is considered to have exceptional cup quality but due to its susceptibility to disease, it’s very rare to find. 

We’re excited to offer this microlot coffee as a tribute to the work Boyce Harries has been able to achieve in maintaining his family's legacy of producing exceptional Kenyan coffees.