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Description: A rich and full blend. Low acids and heavy body with flavours of caramel and spice leading into a dark finish.

Flavours: Milk chocolate, caramel, cashew, cereal

Roast Profile: Medium dark

Origins: Brazil, Sumatra, India

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M49 is another Neumann valve microphone and was used in 1959 by Miles Davis on ‘Kind of Blue’, our favourite jazz recording. For this reason we had to have our full and rich blend named in honour of this classic mic. It’s a mic that reflects perfectly in its description as it does in relation to our M49 espresso coffee.

Mild in terms of hype in its tops (low but present acids) smooth, detailed and rich in its mid-range (mellow, dark and a full mouth feel) and smooth and round in its low range (long, rich and dark after taste).

GRIND OPTION - Domestic Espresso, Filter, Plunger, Stove Top, Whole Bean

SIZE - 1kg, 500g, 250g