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Description: A balanced blend with bright and delicate acids, leading into a dense berry flavoured middle palate then onto a long, rich and complex finish.

Flavours: Berry, coconut, nougat, chocolate

Roast Profile: Medium

Origins: Ethiopia, Sumatra

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The LA-2A is a very simple to use optical compressor or a ‘Limiting Amplifier’ hence the LA part. It’s been used since the 1960’s on all types of recordings and when used in conjunction with a vocal take cut along with a U47 or M49, it adds a richness, depth and smoothness to the vocal like no other device. It kind of makes a halo around the sound.

Our LA2A pays homage to just that.

Rich, deep and smooth with a complexity like no other.

GRIND OPTION - Domestic Espresso, Filter, Plunger, Stove Top, Whole Bean

SIZE - 1kg, 500g, 250g