Single Origin: Finca Buenos Aries // Colombia

Single Origin: Finca Buenos Aries // Colombia


Description: Our Finca Buenos Aries Natural is roasted specifically for filter brewing and tastes like ripe gooseberry, cherry, orange zest, red wine.

Flavours/ Notes: Gooseberry, cherry, orange zest, red wine.

Roast Profile: Light/ Filter Roast

Origin: Colombia

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Finca Buenos Aries is one of six farms owned by the Arcila Family in Quindio, Colombia. Quindio is situated in the Central Cordillera of Colombia’s famed coffee ‘triangle’. Here, Jairo Arcila and his family have been coffee growers for over 80 years and are focussed on providing alternative processing methods (Honeys, Naturals, Extended Fermentations, etc) which are unique and distinctive within the Colombian coffee market. 

Hand picked with only the ripest cherries selected and processed at the adjoining, ‘La Pradera’ washing station, this microlot Castillo ‘natural’ from Finca Buenos Aries, allows us to showcases the uniqueness the Arcila Family are focussed on achieving from Colombia as a wider coffee origin.